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TThe company has paid more than a decade of visits abroad since they conceptualized CN Global Partners in 2009. All of that travel is to create market awareness for foreign investors interested in seeking U.S. citizenship through the Immigrant Investor Program, more commonly known as EB-5.

CN Global Partners have embarked on many projects in its first four years, encompassing an array of businesses. Its entire business is based on the EB-5 program and recently EB-3 immigration worker projects.
We became involved in the EB-5 in 2009 as an outreach program developing proton therapy centers and patient networks, treating cancer in Seoul Korea and the US. Poling says, "I was promoting it as a humanity and economic driver early on hoping to save lives. We learned a lot about the EB-5 program as I advocated for it for other projects."

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CN Global Launches Realm PM LLC energy division

CN Global Launches Realm PM LLC energy division. Propriety core tech solution to real power usage. The tech may be applied to all electrical platforms with energy costs reductions of 60-80%. CN accepting qualified candidates for this new tech 2nd and 3rd quarter 2019. Candidates that pass qualification will have opportunity to have the savings demonstrated in our offshore testing facilities. The BES tech applied to your manufacturing process will have a profound advantage in your space. Interested? Contact

2019 Press Release

CN Global Partners under its new enterprise
Realm PM ™ LLC (A Georgia Limited Liability Corporation) today entered into an exclusive 10-year United
States manufacturing & wholesale representative with Indonesian and Seoul based FOURE IND. DEV. CO.
LTD advancing BES technology inserted (FOURE “products"). CN Global will be carefully obtaining
exclusive qualified US manufacturer candidates effective immediately. This technology application is
unlimited and most important development of our lifetime! When applied the amperage is
demonstrable measurably lowered by 50-75% invariably affecting the local KWH usage with no profound
loss or change to watt output with the inserted BES tech and additionally no large modification to
existing manufacturing or finished process. The innovative technology will generously allow any
electrical platform to operate efficiently at maximum capacity while severely reducing the actual
electrical usage. The innovative technology may be retrofitted on all electrical existing platforms.