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Mr. Curtis Poling

Currently serves as CEO and founder of CN Global Partners as well as CEO and Chief Advisory of Proton Beam Radiation Therapy program for Proton Korea a patient network of the National Cancer Proton Center in Seoul Korea.

Endows applied skills, knowledge and lifetime experience with senior management  and business development of fortune 500 companies.   Mr. Poling is a cancer survivor successfully treated with proton beam therapy and advocate in creating global awareness for advanced cancer treatment and EB-5 consultation for advanced projects. He has co-authored a book which was recently published. The "Road to the Nami Island" a modern medical guide of proton therapy and written from a patient POV.

A Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial business award recipient, with executive experience as company director level, P & L responsibility, first round funding, business plan, marketing, sales and business development skills.

Mr. Poling travels extensively between US and Asia and has been instrumental in advancing proton therapy and EB-5 awareness from abroad.  Mr. Poling has been subject of various news releases including Korean Herald, Forbes and US affiliate publications.  He also enjoys strategic relations and networking within the proton community and EB-5 project consultation.  Mr. Poling and his wife reside in Brunswick GA.


Mr. Sean Rhee 이태욱

Joined CN Global as a senior managing partner operates CN Global office in Seoul, Korea serving as partnerships in Asia. Expertise on EB-3 and EB-5 programs with intensive working knowledge. Mr. Rhee has many years professional experiences with extensive working knowledge in international banking, accounting and customer service), marketing management, and strategic planning within Asia and Canada. Has also an extensive network of Indonesia & Korea) and business connections. U.S., Canada and multinational work experience, leave him well placed to connect the business knowledge gap between cultures.

Additionally, complete analysis and marketing in related companies having good ideas of new projects and problem solutions and profitable management. Also, many years professional experiences in the area of banking and accounting. International exposure in Asia, and so on Excellent understanding of civilization and economic positions in Asia. Also serves as CEO of ESAN Consultant.


Management China
Ms. Sylvie Hanlu CN Global Partners China Liaison Director

Experienced director for China Immigration EB-5 projects. Ms.Hanlu has successfully built up a professional marketing team for the company , and has taken charge and completed several projects. Ms. Hanlu is the CNGlobal Director of Investor Relations with China. Ms. Hanlu born and brought up in Beijing, China and resides in China. She functions as a liaison between CN and immigration marketing companies and lawyers. Ms. Hanlu studied in Paris with a Bachelor’s in Business Sciences, including applied English linguistics and is fluent in English, French and Mandarin.

She is presently involved with raising EB-5 financing in China In addition, Ms. Hanlu is continually identifying new EB-5 investment opportunities. That meet stringent EB-5 underwriting criteria with an emphasis on selecting EB-5 projects that can deliver steady income streams for EB-5 investors with a high degree of certainty of repayment of the EB-5 investor’s investment.

Hanlu knows EB-5 business very well and have the most up-to-date information, She travels to different parts of the country and knows many immigration agencies.

Ms. Teresa Li 李力 Executive China Business Director

Teresa is based in Beijing and Hong Kong as CN Global Partners Executive China business director with experience in business development, official licensed China immigration agency development, marketing, consulting and real estate. Teresa Li is master;s degree graduate student who has worked as CFO in finance, China immigration agency CEO, comptroller and international relations.

Ms. Teresa Li uses her passion and work ethic to assist the CN Global Partners to develop EB-5 investment projects, connects with new clients and investors, and networks with immigration agencies and attorneys. Her attitude and hard work drive her professional development and life/career goals.

Specialties: Chinese Marketing, Chinese Networking, EB-5 Investments, Fluent in Mandarin and English Language. Teresa Li is highly specialized in EB-5 acumen. Teresa is a valuable asset residing in Hong Kong as well as Beijing China.


Legal Counsel:
Yi Song, ESQ, (MONA SHAH & ASSOCIATES of New York, New York Top 25 EB-5 Attorneys of 2015) is a licensed attorney in the US; she also passed the national bar examination in the Peoples Republic of China. Yi was admitted to practice as an Attorney and Counselor at Law in the State of New York in January 2011 and before the Southern District Court of Nork in November 2011. She was granted admission to the bar in the Peoples Republic of China in February 2009.
Yi graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC. Yi has been the recipient of a number of honors and awards. At Georgetown Law, she received honors for her legal research and writing. During her studies for the dual Bachelor's degrees in Law and English Literature from Beijing Foreign Studies University, she received the highest scores and honor from Intellectual Property Law class and she represented her school in the prestigious Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition and made the Top 5 Team in the China Round.
Mona Shah & Associates (MSA) is a full-service U.S. & U.K. immigration law firm, which also provides legal counsel in other specialty areas including matrimonial law, contract law, corporate law, and criminal law. MSA is internationally licensed to practice in the United States, China, and the United Kingdom. Collectively, MSA possesses over 47 years of legal experience.
MSA has a diverse client base representing individual, institutional, academic, and corporate clients around the globe. Our People's Republic of China (PRC) qualified attorneys, versed in Chinese culture and language, serve the legal needs of our China-based clients, in matters of corporate, litigation, contract, business, immigration, securities, intellectual property, and U.S. market due diligence. MSA consistently provides creative, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions to legal issues.





CN Global Partners contributes to promoting the cutting edge cancer treatment known as proton therapy seeking advanced localized cancer treatment with minimal side effects. Our activities are recognized by South Korean Government Cancer Research Facility in Seoul Korea.

We are passionate advocates of these treatment facilities and have developed extensive international patient networks. We continue to support these activities daily hoping to save lives. We have future plans to promote a non-profit foundation that will provide financial assistance for families in need.